About Us

Who's on First?

It is not the Abbot & Costello routine, “Who’s on First”. But it’s close. 

THATBoxTM story began inside a small manufacturing sheet plant in South Carolina.  The owner/ designer was developing a “Pop-up” carton that had the potential to reduce the amount of board, offer better stacking strength, eliminate pre-making cartons and even eliminate the need for taping.

Three years into the project and still with no machinery in the market capable of producing “THAT” new design at commercial speeds… the first challenge was offered…

A long-term customer came into the design lab to have a carton made for her product.  She noticed the neat stack of a new design of carton she had never seen before and inquired about “THATBoxTM”.

Although the situation was not ideal, she was completely enthralled with the concept and literally demanded she be the first to trial “THATBoxTM”.  We went ‘All-in’ at that point, and to this day, ‘THAT’ customer continues her unwavering support.  Many have joined the “THATBoxTM” team since that time, and the enthusiasm continues to grow!

Mission Statement

THATBoxTM Design exists to refresh the thought process of packaging throughout the supply chain. We are successful when we can offer our customer a competitive advantage through innovation and “outside the box” thinking.


Donn Costanzo President – 25 years in the packaging industry
Mike Norwood General Manager – 20 years experience in corrugated packaging
Todd Burke VP Sales and Marketing – 18 years of experience and management in providing custom packaging


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