Custom Leasing

THATBox™ Design LLC, which owns the design & production machine patents, has successfully demonstrated the design to clients such as Black & Decker, Advanced Auto, Stanley Tool Works and Scotts/Tyco. The company's expectation of rapid expansion to cross industries, e.g. medical, distribution, manufacturing, point-of-purchase and perishable.

The effective operation of production equipment at commercial rates opens up the option of license expansion, where end-users can place THATBox™ in their current box supply chain. THATBox™ is currently available as a distributed finished product from first licensee, The Packaging Warehouse, or through a custom leasing program of the equipment.

THATBox™ Design custom leasing program is end-user friendly as well as friendly to the packaging industry. A customer that sees the benefits to the design and want THATBox™ but are cautious over the unknown of a new vendor can have both with a custom lease of the production machinery, placed with their current vendor. This keeps the service, quality and relationship enjoyed with their current vendor in place.