Solid Bottom THATBox™ Designed Seafood Carton- 
Tough enough to handle it, smart enough to be recyclable

Typical wax coatings cannot be recycled because they do not dissolve in water, so they create problems in the repulping process. The industry has worked diligently to develop recyclable alternatives, many of which are now becoming commercially available.

Combine THATBox™ with the recyclable wax alternatives and you have a “non-stapled” carton that is ready for packing and recyclable.

THATBox™ Seafood Differentiators

  • Ships flat with no staples and simply pops open
  • No preassemble saves money & time on labor
  • 100% recyclable, eco-friendly patented THATBox™ design reduces landfill waste
  • FDA compliant food grade coatings
  • Reduces waste costs to end user
  • No bagging necessary using wet ice for 2-3 day shipments that stay in the cold chain

  THATBox™ Seafood boxes offer a full telescoping design with hand assist for easy carry, as well as an open space for identification.

Sizes Available:
15# 24 x 16 x 6 
25# 15.75 x 12 x10 
50# 24 x 16 x 10* 
6 gallon 23.75 x 17.5 x 9  

 * Optional short lid that fits the 15# and 50#
Full Telescoping Design 
 - No hand assist

Size: 23 x 15.5 x 6  

1 Gallon Box
 - 2-3 day shipper

 Size: 10.5 x 8.25 x 8.75   
8KG Lobster Box 
 - Pre assembled non leaker with gusseted bottom
 - Built for over seas shipments
 - Optional divider within

Size: 17 x 10 x 9.25
1 Gallon Heavy
 - Built for longer shipping durations
 - Comes in flat requiring assembly

Size: 9.25 x 9.25 x 9

THATBox™ Seafood Boxes- Videos

THATBox™ Seafood Boxes- Testimonial

As an industry leader in sustainability, we wanted to extend our efforts into packaging. Working with THATBox’s patented design and combining it with the 100% recyclable wax alternative board they offer has created the strength and longevity we needed to ship product to our customers. The challenges of packing fresh products in a wet environment has always depended on wax boxes that are not recyclable and require stapling together boxes to pre-build inventory for the day’s needs.  By partnering with THATBox, we have successfully developed a recyclable option that comes in flat and “Pop’s” open ready for use.  The cartons arrive flat and open quickly, which has saved us on labor and space in our pack-out process. Freight movement and handling have been reduced by a 9 to 1 ratio by using THATBox  pre-glued boxes. Never again will we need to pre-build boxes prior to our production!  Just recently, our industry has issued a mandate for the removal of staples from packaging.  Our proactive actions in have us ahead of the curve with a solution in place using the THATBox design glued box.

This has been a win for everyone. Our customer saves money by not paying to dispose of wax boxes and everyone likes taking the waste out of the landfills.  We continue to work with THATBox Design to develop new innovations in packaging designs for our industry.

- Jim McDonough, General Manager, SeaTrade